Thank You To our Outgoing Board Members!

Thank you to our outgoing Board Members!

Rebecca Askew
NAIOP GTA thanks outgoing Board Member, Rebecca Askew, Vice President, Legal – Development, Cadillac Fairview, who was a valued member of the NAIOP GTA Board of Directors from 2018 – 2021 and was instrumental in leading the NAIOP GTA Government Relations Committee. Rebecca was a driving force in delivering advocacy updates to our sponsor companies and the NAIOP GTA community. During her time on the Board, she organized a number of successful GR events, engaged the Ontario Ministry of Finance on several key issues, and, in a time of uncertainty, delivered timely COVID-19 updates to our members. We thank Rebecca for her time on the Board and look forward to her involvement as a NAIOP Corporate representative.

Nick Macrae
NAIOP GTA thanks Nick Macrae, Senior Vice President, Head of Investments, Woodbourne Capital Management International, for his contributions to the Board of Directors as Membership Chair from 2018-2021. 2020 and 2021 were difficult years and Nick was instrumental in ensuring member value and retention remained high so that NAIOP GTA could continue to deliver high quality programming, education, and networking opportunities to its members. We are proud to say we have been able to retain members and keep them engaged throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and we thank Nick for his hard work in this area!

Charlene Schafer
NAIOP GTA thanks Charlene Schafer, Partner, Torys LLP, for her contributions as the Chair of our Communications Committee on the Board of Directors since 2020. The Communications Committee was newly developed in 2018 to elevate our communications, website and social media presence, and Charlene was instrumental in driving numerous communications projects forward. Alongside her committee, Charlene worked to launch a brand-new website in 2021, together with a number of social media campaigns. She has set the foundation for the future success of our Communications Committee, and we thank her for her hard work!

Joseph Shaw
NAIOP GTA thanks outgoing Past-President Joseph Shaw, Head of Relationship Investing, Hazelview Investments, for his contributions to the Board of Directors dating back to 2015 and his leadership, as President of the Board, in 2020. 2020 was a challenging year that involved pivoting a number of key NAIOP initiatives and programs due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Joseph worked closely with NAIOP staff to minimize the disruption of member services and to provide important updates to our community. We thank Joseph for his continued participation in 2021 as NAIOP Past-President and look forward to his future contributions to the organization!

Emily Long
NAIOP GTA thanks Emily Long, Director, Acquisitions & Asset Management, Crestpoint Real Estate Investments Ltd., for her leadership on the Board of Directors in 2021 as the Chair of the Developing Leaders Committee. During her time on the Board, Emily was instrumental in developing quality, engaging programming for our Developing Leaders. In 2021, Emily worked alongside the committee to develop and launch a new student scholarship that will encourage students to pursue a career in CRE in the GTA. We thank Emily for her dedication to NAIOP GTA and its Student and Developing Leader membership contingent and look forward to her continued involvement as a Programs Committee member in 2022!

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