Real Estate Excellence HONOUREES

18th ANNUAL REX AWARDS GALA, April 9th, 2019, at the Sheraton Centre

The NAIOP Greater Toronto Board of Directors and members are pleased to recognize Michael Cruickshank (Real Estate Icon Award), Robert Eisenberg (Real Estate Icon Award), and Michael Pittana (Community Service Award) for their extraordinary contributions to commercial real estate and the Greater Toronto Area community.

About the Real Estate Excellence Awards   




Michael Cruickshank (left side in photo) is a partner in York Heritage Properties, a company that has received several heritage awards for the renovation and restoration of historically important and architecturally interesting older buildings in Toronto. The Toronto Historical Board, Heritage Toronto, the City of Toronto, BOMA, and Parkdale-High Park have all recognized the company for its contributions.
Michael is also a founder of both the St. Lawrence Market and the Liberty Village Business Improvement Areas and is the Past Chair of the Citizens for the Old Town. He is currently a member of the board of the St. Lawrence BIA and Chair of the Stanley Thompson Society. In 2005 he was awarded the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association “Person of the Year.”

Michael, along with Robert Eisenberg, can be credited with coining the name "Liberty Village" for the now-fashionable neighbourhood.


Robert Eisenberg (right side in photo) is the co-founder, with Michael Cruickshank of York Heritage Properties. Prior to that he was a founding partner in Intraurban Projects. For over twenty years, Intraurban specialized in the development of medium density, infill housing in midtown and downtown Toronto.

Robert was a founding member of the St. Lawrence Market and the Liberty Village Business Improvement Areas and has been a member of the City of Toronto's Main Street Housing Committee, the Mayor's Urban Roundtable that created the King-Parliament and King-Spadina mixed use initiatives, and several City task forces. He has also been involved in a number of community and environmental initiatives, including as founder of Sistema Toronto Academy, director of Environmental Defense, co-founder and director of the Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition and a director of Jacob's Ladder.

Robert is a published author. Motivated by the very real firebombing of a Roma family near Budapest and inspired by the children of Sistema and the transformative power of music, he wrote Tomas and the Gypsy Violin (Quattro Press 2015).


Michael Pittana (left)
is congratulated by Joseph Shaw,
President Elect, NAIOP Greater
Toronto Chapter.


Where am I from?
Born and raised in downtown Toronto in Little Italy. Parents were Italian immigrants without even a basic education but a great work ethic.

What about my Education?
Some would say not enough ... they are probably right because I see myself as a consummate learner.

Work Experience?
My first job was in grade 5, when I started helping my father cost out his bricklaying jobs. From a rookie estimator, I am currently Chairman & Co-Founder of Crown Realty Partners.

Is it better to be Lucky or Good?
Both! I have had great luck with amazing partners in both business and life. I am blessed with an amazingly supportive family, wife Sandra (my CEO ) and two wonderful daughters.

How do I describe my view of altruism?
The rent we pay on earth is our service to others. If you live your life putting other people’s needs first, you will get a lot more out of your life. You can do it with your time, your knowledge, your money and your empathy.

Why Humber River Hospital?
My lifelong friend, Tom Greco, died there. The hospital staff was wonderful but the premises were decrepit, so I promised my “Pisano” I would do my best to improve the conditions of the hospital. After 12 years of serving on the Humber Building Committee and its Board of Directors, a new Humber River Hospital was created (one of the largest newly built community hospitals ever constructed in Canada).